Meet Belle

Hi there!! This my website. I live in the best city on earth  (Still thinking huh?.. It’s New York)… I am from Pepper Pike, Ohio (Do you know where that is? Yea…Probably not so I just tell people Cleveland to save myself from getting the confused Pepper What? face from people). I have lived in New York too long to be friendly for no reason on a typical day and too short to totally hate people entirely but the longer I stay here all of my wholesome Midwestern values are fading fast.

I work professionally in the Procurement field in addition to being a co-host for “Hot in Da Mix” Red Carpet show online. Listen to my podcast Ring The Alarm to get to know me more on a personal level and hear my raw and unfiltered perspective on various topics from politics to fashion and all things in between. I am real-estate agent in addition to other businesses. Hey it’s 2018 you CAN have it all.

I am a girl who came to the big city and WENT FOR IT.

Join me on my journey of life!!! It’s sure to entertain you.