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1 Month Review of The League Dating App

So I stopped dating for a while because I had simply have ENOUGH of the nonsense. But, my vagina is saying WTF is going on now so I have to get out here and find sis some action. A friend from work invited me to The League, a “high end”, “ultra exclusive” online dating app that supposedly scouts and vets eligible singles (or men/women who lie and say they are), denying access to “common folk” and only allowing access to the best candidates (i.e. muthafuckas that went to decent schools, have jobs that sound important and likely pay relatively well”). I was on the waitlist for a month :\ before I got the approval email titled “You’ve been drafted into The League”. Great… Wonderful… Now I can finally meet Mr.Right/Mr.Right Now. So I am cheap and will not pay the $99 fee to get access to a lot more features so I get three matches a day at “happy hour” which is 5pm.

My Quick 1 Month Review is Below (Because I know you don’t wanna read too much extra shit)

  1. First Impression: I thought the IDEA of The League was cute and I still do. My first week I was very active and I   logged in everyday to get my matches. But,after the first week my excitement started to wane a bit.
  2. THE GOOD: Well, most men do appear to have what would be classified as a good job or lie and say they do (hey!! I live on New York so I am always skeptical). They seem well educated and traveled. The type of guys that a single gal is looking for.
  3. THE BAD:The men don’t seem to engage easily, fuck it.. AT ALL, THEY DON’T SAY SHIT. They clearly want to be chased and that’s cool if you are the type of girl that’s into that. I’m NOT doing that shit though so it’s a pain the ass to me. You only become matches when both people indicate they are interested. Don’t say yes to the person then get radio silent when you can start a conversation.This is exhausting!!
  4. The UGLY: These men are arrogant. One guy even tried to figure out what type of car I drove. No normal man does that. What an ass.
  5. REALITY BITES: I am a hopeless romantic so I always support a girl looking for love, just don’t expect to find it on this app. As the saying goes, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. The founder of this app is a female was trying to create a place where a selective group of intelligent, creative, and ambitious people from all backgrounds seek intelligent, equal partners. But, ultimately this is not the reality for the apps female end users.
But hey, go for it 😉

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