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Who Else is Totally OVER Dating…. It Can’t Be Just Me….

Sooooo, I decided that I am taking a break from dating because my tolerance level is pretty much nonexistent at this point. All of my past doomed relationships have taken every ounce of tolerance that I had and now I am a ball of irritation and my motto is “fuck it” (don’t judge me). My friend once said, “I really don’t know what the point of men is anymore outside of procreation”. At the time I giggled but now I am totally in that boat, in fact I OWN the boat now.

Like seriously gents STOP assuming that every woman wants to massage you, cook for you, sleep with you and any other thing you have come up with in your wild and very active imagination. I get having a positive self image and all, but at some point please allow reality to kick in as well. A quality woman (which some of you will not be looking for I get it!!) has better things to do with her day than share selfies of her pussy all day, so please stop asking it’s tacky as fuck.

You have to be able to have a conversation outside of “What is your favorite position?”.. Yes.. No… Maybe… (Sigh!!) Just try damn it. Dating today is like a buffet but all the food is rotten or spoiled, pick your poison or starve.

For now, I am choosing to starve. My nerves can’t take anything else right now.

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